Heads of agencies and units of the health sector must determine the importance of applying information technology

This is the opinion expressed by Mr. Nguyen Trung Hoang, Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, Head of IT Application Steering Committee of Tra Vinh province, at the workshop on application of information technology in the health sector of Tra Vinh province. It was held on May 22, 2018, at Tra Vinh Health College, in collaboration with Tra Vinh Health department and Distribution Company of FPT - Viettel Tra Vinh - VNPT Tra Vinh. Leaders of Department of Health, Department of Information and Communication and over 100 participants who are managing information technology in hospitals, medical centers in districts, towns and city attended the ceremony.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hoang, Provincial Party Committee Member, Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee addressed at the workshop

This workshop was organized with the hope of contributing to the development of information technology application in health care activities. At the same time, it provides a broader perspective on medical examination and treatment by modern medical methods.
In the framework of the program, 03 operators of FPT - Viettel Tra Vinh - VNPT Tra Vinh shared about IT products and solutions designed specifically for the health sector, advantages and disadvantages when applying these technologies in practice in Vietnam.

As a result, technology is being promoted in the medical field, medical devices connecting technology and services together provide safer and more effective healthcare solutions through synchronization of the system such as: real-time monitoring, compliance, disease status and recovery process of the patient. In addition, the application of information technology in health will make it easier for people to access modern health care systems, contributing significantly to improve diagnostic and therapeutic support.

Through the workshop on application of information technology in the health sector of Tra Vinh province, Tra Vinh Department of Health would like to contribute to improve professional skills and capacity for health facilities, individuals, collectives, units to promote the health care system, provide comprehensive and professional health solutions and serve the people more effectively.

In Tra Vinh province in 2014, the Department of Health has implemented the first phase of information technology application for four clinics in Cau Ngang, Tra Vinh provincial city, Tieu Can and Cau Ke. Up to now, 100% of medical facilities are equipped with HIS software (Hospital Management); Field of prevention applies softwares: Extensive vaccination management, infectious disease management, dengue management; … electronic office application (M - Office) is deployed to all units in the branch; online public services are being applied and implemented to receive private health practitioner records at the Public Administrative Center; deploy software for professional operations, accounting management, asset management, bidding management ...

From now to 2025, the health sector in Tra Vinh province will step up the application of information technology in its subordinate units to e-government; investigate the telemedicine system, direct routes, help clinics diagnose them more accurately, increase patient survival opportunities as well as increase treatment effectiveness, the system allows direct route by online training helping reduce travel costs for trainees, make electronic medical records, integrate the results of examination and imaging examination according to the roadmap prescribed by the Ministry of Health; implement e-health project, apply artificial intelligence in diagnosis and treatment, development of intelligent health system in Tra Vinh province, ready for technological revolution 4.0; deploy administrative procedures to level 3 and level 4 public services in accordance with Government regulations.

In 2018, Provincial Health department must implement the plan; inter-routing between operators to manage health insurance; by 2025, the implementation of projects will be well implemented. Heads of agencies and units must determine the importance of the application of information technology to the health sector, Health department must train and improve the professional human resources of this team.

Written by Ngoc Hong
Translated by Sac Sanh


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