Secretary of Tra Vinh Provincial Party Committee checks the work of new rural construction in Cang Long District

Mr. Tran Tri Dung - Member of Central Party Committee - Secretary of Tra Vinh (TV) Provincial Party Committee - Chairman of TV Provincial People's Council; Mr. Ngo Chi Cuong - Deputy Secretary of TV Provincial Standing Party Committee; Mr. Kim Ngoc Thai - Deputy Secretary of TV Provincial Party Committee, and the delegation of TV Provincial Party Committee inspected the work of new rural construction in Cang Long District on Feb 7.

The view meeting

Reporting to the leaders of TV Provincial Party Committee, the leaders of Cang Long District Party Committee said that the district has had 10/13 communes that have been recognized to meet the new rural standards. The remaining of 3 communes have strived to meet the standards in the year of 2020, including Huyen Hoi, Binh Phu and Nhi Long Communes.

Regarding to the results of the implementation of 9 new rural district criteria, Cang Long District has reached 6/9 criteria so far. The remaining of 3 criteria have not been reached, including: the first criterion for planning, the fifth for health, culture, education and the sixth for production. Thereby, the district has had recommendations to each specific department and branch to support the localities in implementing the criteria of the new rural district in 2020.

Speaking through the inspection, Mr. Tran Tri Dung acknowledged the efforts associated with the achievements of Cang Long District in the construction of new rural areas. In addition to the construction process, a few communes in the district have not kept up the achieved criteria, especially the environmental criterion and all three communes have only reached 14/19 criteria.

Directing in the coming time, Mr. Tran Tri Dung said that the Resolution of TV Provincial Party Congress has determined that Cang Long District must meet the new rural district standards in 2020. This is not only the task of Cang Long District but also a responsibility of the entire TV Provincial Party Committee. Therefore, it requires fierce participation, with clear and specific solutions of each provincial department, branch and locality.

Mr. Tran Tri Dung paid attention to the issue of promoting social resources in the implementation; not chasing achievements. The implementation process must be persistent, resolutely and always pay attention to the quality and sustainability of each criterion.

In parallel with the task of a new rural construction, Mr. Tran Tri Dung noted that Cang Long District should pay attention to the fields of economic development, the implementation process should avoid the thought of "avoidance, avoidance of collision" and focus on preparing Party Congress for the tenure of 2020-2025.

Written by Kim Tra


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