Businesses suggest that they can be cooperated with the aquaculture industry

Mr. Dong Van Lam - Chairman of Tra Vinh (TV) Provincial People's Committee and Mr. Tran Anh Dung - Vice Chairman of TV Provincial People’s Committee and leaders of TV provincial departments and branches attended the regular business meeting in Mar 2020.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dong (right) was at the regular business meeting in Mar 2020

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dong -  Director of Thanh Dong Production, Trading, Service Co., Ltd., its head office in Cho Hamlet, Phuong Thanh Commune, Cang Long District, expressed his desire to cooperate with specialized branches in the province, gradually replicate the model of super-intensive shrimp farming with composite settling ponds (form of piogas in shrimp farming).

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dong said that the company's production location is in My Hiep Hamlet, Duc My Commune, Cang Long District. If there is a stable output, the average production capacity will reach about 30 tunnels of 17m3/ month and about 200 tunnels of 9m3/ month.

Currently, the number of shrimp farmers in the province in general, raising in the form of super-intensive farming in particular has been increasing. In order to minimize risks and increase profits, shrimp farmers need measures to treat waste and protect the environment from impacts affecting the living environment and health of the people. However, most farmers now use settling ponds in the form of digging additional ponds. The investment in constructing a biogas reactor with composite is currently the most optimal solution for wastewater treatment in general and wastewater treatment for shrimp farming in particular in a farming area in Mekong Delta. Composite biogas cellar system helps effectively treat waste of shrimp farming process before being discharged into the environment, which contributes to the most effective protection of the environment against the risk of pollution when shrimp farming model has been growing.

At a farming model of Cau Ngang and Duyen Hai, the company has cooperated with farmers to build composite biogas tanks to help with wastewater treatment during farming and initially achieve efficiency of economy, benefit, limiting risks, … The types of solid waste such as shrimp dead, shrimp shells, leftovers and feces shrimp which people can take advantage of them for other livestock such as food for ducks, fish ...

Speaking to the business, Mr. Dong Van Lam noted the suggestions and affirmed that he would create favorable conditions for businesses to meet the relevant departments: Agriculture and Rural Development, Science and Technology, Natural Resources and Environment and localities, etc, for businesses to have discussions, organize the development of pilot models, supervision, evaluation, workshops to learn experience. If it is effective, businesses will replicate gradually and enjoy current supporting policies of the province and the central.

Written by B Tran


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