Mac Bac Church

    Mac Bac (located in Cau Quan town, Tieu Can district, 30 kilometers West of Tra Vinh town) is considered as one of the major ancient Christian parishes in the Mekong Delta.

    Mac Bac Church had its construction started in 1886 and finished in 1888. With the interior area of 24 x 60 m, and the 36 meter bell tower,the church was regarded as the second biggest in South Vietnam at that time, only after the Norte Dam Cathedral (in Saigon). In spite of being designed by and constructed under the control of a French  architect and built from main materials transported from France, it had the construction directly executed by the native Vietnamese people. It means that the level and capacity of the Tra Vinh laborers in the late 19th century really deserved great admiration. Mac Bac Church is the oldest architectural work that has still existed in the territory of  Tra Vinh province though it has spent over 120 rainy and sunny years

    The Festival of Christmas (on 24th December every year) in Mac Bac Parish, with the participation of tens of  thousands of followers,taking place in an imposing theatre program about the legend of the Jesus’ Birthday, has become a typical religious festival in Tra Vinh province for over one century.

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