Phno Don Pagoda

   Phnoâ Ðoân pagoda,better known under the name Chua Co (Stork pagoda), is a Khmer pagoda of the Hinayana Buddhism. It is located in Giong Lon hamlet, Dai An commune, Tra Cu district,40 kilometers Southwest of Tra Vinh town.

   Phnoâ Ðoân pagoda has an architectural style and religious life similar to the Khmer’s other 140 pagodas in the province. However,it is one of renown,strongly attracting visitors inside and outside the province thanks to its campus of some hectares in area. Its campus is surrounded by numerous green trees and has been the habitat and breeding ground of tens of thousands of birds and storks of all kinds. Phnoâ Ðoân pagoda is recognized the largest bird yard in South Vietnam

   In order to protect the flocks of storks, the monks and the local people have made rather strict unwritten laws to maximally limit the acts violating the environment here.


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