Khmer cultural museum

At the present, there are 2 Khmer cultural museums in Viet Nam. One is in Soc Trang province and the other is in Tra Vinh province. Tra Vinh Khmer cultural museum was opened in 1995. It stores many various objects of material and mental life of Khmer people in Mekong river delta. 

The museum was built with green trees in a large campus around falling within the scope of Ba Om Pond Culture – Tourism zone at ward 8, Tra Vinh city. The museum stores many objects of material and mental life of Khmer people, especially ancient letter about Buddhist scripture, moral teaching, and traditional stories written on Buong leaf, Kayno god bird statue which is embodiment of Goddess in religious legends of Khmer people, Tet Pronam bird-human statue with delicate formalized art used to decorate pagodas, traditional agricultural tools of Khmer people and so on. 

Coming to Khmer cultural museum, tourists will feel as if they were in another world of Gods because of imagination and talent artist. 

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