Eating and drinking

Xuan Thanh wine

The Xuan Thanh wine is made from the timely traditional glutinous rice by some families of the same lineage in Xuan Thanh hamlet (Hoa Thuan commune, Chau Thanh district), who keep the producing secret and the inherited method of making yeast. The Xuan Thanh wine has a high degree, clear sparkle and strong flavor and particularly does not cause unpleasant feelings for those who have accidentally drunk too much for fun.

The Vinh Kim dried shrimp

The Vinh Kim dried shrimp (in Vinh Kim commune, Cau Ngang district) is processed from the endemic Tep bac dat (white soil shrimp) of the brackish water (the first best is Vinh Kim,the second is Hau Boi) and becomes a well-known specialty in the whole region. The most delicious and prestigious trademark if “Ba Hai Kham Dried Shrimp”. The dried shrimp of Ba Hai Kham is fine with freshly red, dry and strong body; its quality is much more progressive than that of the other products of the same types from other places.

Dua sap

The Dua sap (wax coconut is the product only found in Cau Ke district. From the wax coconut is similar to numerous common ones.However, the inside pulp is extremely thick like wax. The pulp of wax coconuts has a high rate of attar and good nutritious content so it is processed into delicious refreshers such as fruit mixtures.

Ben Co Banh Canh Restaurant

Ben Co Banh Canh Restaurant (4 kilometers far from Tra Vinh town) is an address of gastronomy popular for customers in not only Tra Vinh province but also neighboring ones.

Bun nuoc leo

Bun nuoc leo (a Khmer noodle soup with fish and Finger Rhizome root) is the number-one specialty inTra Vinh province so popular that the “ gourmet’ circle often tell each other “Not having eaten bun nuoc leo yet means not having ever been to Tra Vinh province”Bun nuoc leo also reflects the cultural exchange, the consolidation among the communities of Tra Vinh provincial ethnic groups. It is processed by the Vietnamese from the prohoc salted fish of the Khmer and cooked with roast pork of the Chinese.

Banh Tet of Tra Cuon

Banh Tet of Tra Cuon ( cylindric glutinous rice cake) (in Kim Hoa commune, Cau Ngang district) is wellknown with the trademark “Banh Tet Hai Ly” of Hai Ly enterpirse, 10 kilometers from Tra Vinh town (right at the foot of Tra Cuon Bridge. Banh Tet of Tra Cuon is skillfully wrapped with delicious flavor and can be stored for days. Thus visitors usually choose it as a gift for their relatives after the trips to Tra Vinh province.

Nuoc Mam Ruoi

Nuoc Mam Ruoi (Clam- Worm Sauce) of the coastal zone in Tra Vinh province, particularly on Cu Isle (in Dan Thanh commune, Duyen Hai district). Whenever the northeasterly wind starts, the season of catching the Clam worm (Ruoi) for processing fish sauce will come. The Clam-Worm sauce has dark golden color, high content of protein, and strongly rusty taste. Legend has it that in his pursuit of fame here, Lord Nguyen Anh was offered this special fish sauce and the Lord was lavish with his praise for its delicious taste. Since then, the Clam worm sauce has also possessed a beautiful name “Royal Fish Sauce”.
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