Applying information technology to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Ministry of Health organized an online conference to train the application of information technology to COVID-19 prevention and control with 700 points in districts, provinces and cities nationwide in the morning of Mar 15. In Tra Vinh Province, Ms. Cao My Phuong - Director of Tra Vinh Health Department; leaders of related departments, branches; representatives of hospitals in city, province, districts and commune, ward health stations attended the online conference.

The view of online conference in Tra Vinh

Authority of Information Technology Application - Ministry of Information and Communications introduced an overview of the application of information technology to support the prevention and control of COVID-19; trained to use the voluntary health declaration application and disease surveillance system; guided to use and implement a tourism health declaration system at epidemic control points, especially at accommodation facilities.

The voluntary health declaration application called NCOVI is deployed for use on mobile phones. When downloading this application to mobile phones, users can look up disease information and can be alerted to areas of infection risk, and at the same time, users can reflect information about the disease to functional departments. Especially, it helps health officials update new risk factors from users who make voluntary health declarations. Particularly, the surveillance system will help health officials verify the risk factors report and update health checks daily.

For the tourism health declaration system application, called Vietnam Health Declaration is deployed for use on mobile phones. This application will support medical information declaration to help functional agencies to understand the schedule of domestic and international tourists when traveling in Vietnam. It contributes to controlling the health of visitors as well as tourism activities in the situation of COVID-19 happening very complicatedly these days.

Written by Xuan Thao - Ngoc Hong

Map of Tra Vinh
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